Constitution of Kala Uday Society


  1. The Society shall be known as the “Kala Uday Society”.


  1. The objective of the Society shall be to foster interest in the arts by exhibitions, seminars, workshops, competition, etc.


  1. The Society shall be non-profit making and non-political in nature and its activities shall be free from all concerns of publicity. No member of the Society shall claim to express the views of the Society on any subject unless so authorized by the Committee.


  • The maximum number of members can be 250 members including founder.
  • The minimum age limit of member is 21years.
  • Every member should participate in society’s goal.
  • Every member should be pay membership fee in the favor of society. No any financial thing should be due.
  • Member should not be bank corrupt and mentally disturbed.
  • Member should not be victim of minimum one year or more than one year of imprisonment.

Membership registration process and membership fee.

  • The candidate can be part of Kala Uday Society by take two easy steps:

Fee and Contribution:

  Sr. No.

  Type of Member

  Enter Fee

  Annual Contribution



  Rs. 500/-





  Rs. 1000/-

*The collection of society fund will collect from the first day of April and last day will be 30th June. After 30th June the membership will consider as suspend and suspended candidate can not the part of election of the society.


  1. The Society’s Year shall commence on the 1 April each year and expires on 31 March of the following year. All subscriptions shall be paid in advance and be due on 1 April each year.


  1. The Society shall have President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Members.


  • Detailed accounts of all receipts and payments shall be kept by the Treasurer.
  • In the end of every financial year the Charted Accountant of the society will submit the annual financial report to the Governing Body.
  • The annual report will present through the Secretary in front of Governing Body before one month of the date of Annual Meeting.
  • The all reports, Financial Statements, Receipts, Books, Bank Passbooks, Expenditure Vouchers, Cheque Books and Cash will maintained by the treasure.
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Contact Details

Telephone:+91 8950217191
Telephone:+91 8295590509
Telephone:+91 9896252235



Street No. 01,
Kalyan Nagar, Thanesar,
Kurukshetra 136118
Haryana, INDIA